In ancient Greece, an average citizen had no idea about the laws and codes. But at that time, the society needed the order and protection. It was the time, when lawyer profession emerged, which defined the legal nature of the particular relationship. Unlike the ancient priests who tried to predict the consequences of certain circumstances, the modern rights defenders solve the existing problem, based on the relevant laws and regulations. Today in Ukraine, there are many experienced and qualified lawyers and often the question arises how to choose a perfect lawyer among this large number of professionals.

In our opinion, there are no perfect rights defenders, because any lawyer first of all is a man with his own discretion and outlook. But, there’s one thing that is crucial during the choice. It is practice. This long-standing practice makes it possible to analyze a controversial issue not only in terms of the representative, but also from the position of judicial authority, and thus makes it possible to take an objective decision.

Novikov & Partners Law Group includes the experienced lawyers and advocates, whose legal expertise is formed by the long-term work in courts at the various levels and instances. This is not only a group of the experts, it is a friendly team, where everyone has an opinion, a certain criticism and thus is able to listen to the colleagues. The combination of the professional experience, culture, communication and the important human qualities make the team of the Law Group in-demand and competitive in the legal services market.